Learners are welcome to attend sessions year round; we encourage continuity in their programs. However, we understand that schedules are busy and we try to offer as much flexibility as we can. WSEA of Hinsdale offers four programs in an attempt to reach as many learners as possible.

After School Skills Clinic

This highly individualized academic support program emphasizes the development of basic skills. Classes meet twice per week for 45 minutes or once per week for one hour. Each session is limited to two students to ensure truly individualized instruction. A short homework assignment is given with each class for added practice and to develop at-home study skills. School homework support is optional. Diagnostic testing, parent-teacher input, and a planning conference precede this on-going program.

Summer Skills Clinic

This comprehensive six week support program is designed to meet the student’s basic academic needs, improve general study skills, and increase confidence. Materials may be geared for remediation, maintenance, or enrichment. Classes meet two days per week (T, Th) for one hour. Daily homework is assigned to provide added drill and practice and to help develop study skills. A special K-1 Prep program is offered for students entering kindergarten or first grade in the fall. Readiness skills are emphasized with basic instruction in reading and math if appropriate. Diagnostic testing precedes all programs.

Monitored Independent Study

This six week summer program is recommended for students grades 4-8 needing minimal review or enrichment. One-hour sessions meet once per week (T or Th). Diagnostic testing precedes this program.


This “at home” independent study program is for students 1-8. This 3-4 month course of study includes an academic evaluation, all materials with specific lesson plans, parent conference, and an “on call” instructor to help facilitate the program.